November 22, 2017

Wednesday - Sunny and clear

A mostly good day.

It was a little sad today, both my sister and my best friend sent me word that David Cassidy died. He was the first pop-star that I ever fell for.  I remember when we lived in Britain saving up crisps wrappers (potato chip bags) so that I could send away for a poster of him, and how happy I was when it arrived.  I do still listen to his old music and have been known to do a couple of his songs at karaoke.  I had read that he was ill so it wasn’t entirely unexpected, but it was still sad.

I had another quiet morning today. I got up, had some drinks and then went down to have breakfast. However, K was nowhere to be seen.  Another granola & yogurt brekkie for me. Yay.  I like that anyway! I did have to clean up the kitchen though as my dear husband had made bread and sliced it on the kitchen table. He hadn’t cleaned up after himself though and there was machine parts to be cleaned and crumbs to be wiped up. I supposed that is the price I have to pay for fresh bread!

I brought in my laundry from the garage and hung it in my room up here. It was mostly dry, but would take forever over there in this season.  

K was up and around at 11 something, I heard her banging doors in the house. I said hello when I was downstairs for something else.

We had lunch together around 1 pm and we had a sort of clean out the fridge thing. We had leftover nabe, some leftover duck, salad and basically anything I could think of that would work. It was quite good though. I did the dishes after we finished and then went back upstairs to get ready.

I left the house promptly at 2:30 and walked to the bus stop. I was still a little early and the bus was 5 minutes late, but it was fine. I got to S-Mall, got off the bus after I paid and then walked to the hair salon I go to.  

I got a good cut, another pixie, but I like it a lot. We had a couple of misunderstandings so I didn’t get my hair washed, but it’s okay really. When I was finished, I paid and then walked back to the mall.  I did a little window shopping and no buying then went to Doutor for a cup of Soy Latte. I had just sat down when I saw an ex-student from Sakata and waved. She came to sit near me and we chatted a little. She is in the process of moving and had asked me to visit her in Sendai after her move. Since I’m going to Sendai next month, I suggested that it might be too soon to visit and she agreed. I’m glad that I brought it up with her though because I might have felt a little guilty if I hadn’t.

F joined me and then she had to leave. F had a drink too and then we went for dinner in the mall.  F suggested the restaurant upstairs so we tried it. I had my usual pasta, which was good tonight, but not great.  F complained about the ramen as usual, so no big deal!  We tried to get his mother something for dinner, but the store was out of pre-made stuff, so we went to another grocery store.  F picked up a few things for his mother and then we took it back to the house.

K had a bite of dinner, but I think she’d already eaten before going to bed. F decided to go out and buy kerosene tonight and asked me to accompany him. I did but it wasn’t a big deal at all.

We had a quiet evening in the house. F was tired, I wasn’t and watched quite a bit of TV. After midnight I gave him his birthday card. Yes, the lucky bum has a national holiday on his birthday every year!  

Tomorrow we’re supposed to have a nice lunch together and perhaps see a movie if we both feel like it.  F’s not doing well these days, so I hope the day off is good for him. Come back later and find out what we get up to. Until tomorrow….

November 21, 2017

Tuesday - Rainy and cold

An okay day.  

I got up at my usual time, did my usual stuff, had some tea and then went downstairs.  I was planning to make porridge this morning, since K had complained a bit about the cold cereal.  However, she wasn’t there!  Much as I like porridge, granola and yogurt is much easier, so I just had that as usual.  I did my dishes and then did a couple of loads of laundry too.

I did hear K in the later part of the morning, she said she was fine.  I had watched some telly upstairs between loads of washing but decided to do lunch around 1 pm in case she was hungry.  

F had made bread overnight, so we had some bread with duck slices on it, some soup, cabbage salad and hot salad too.  I made us a slice of toast with jam on it too for a little treat.  I think she liked it. I’m sure she’d rather have rice, but I wouldn’t so she can bring her own if she’d like!

I did the dishes and headed back upstairs.  I was on my computer for a while. I watched a couple more TV programmes and then the news.  

F called to say he’d be late, so around 6 pm I went downstairs and started working on the nabe.  It was my first time trying to make it, I usually let him do it as it is his thing.  I washed and cut up some veggies, cut up the meat and cut myself in the process, and tried to put it all together.  He came back to the house around 7 and laughed at my nabe attempts.  Hurumph.  People who want to eat said nabe shouldn’t make fun of it.  That is the reason why I don’t try to cook Japanese food…I don’t like being criticized by the peanut gallery.  F gave me some more “advice” and then after he changed, helped me set up the table.  

We took the nabe out to the living room and cooked it there.  I also put out some kimchee and F gave him and his mother some rice.  We had the nabe and it wasn’t bad at all.  F kept eating it to the point where I had to tell him to stop!  It was supposed to be lunch for K and me tomorrow.  I’ll have to supplement it I think.

I did the dishes too.  F said later that he would have done them, but had made no move whatsoever to do so, so I did them.  Besides, I like to wash them in hot water and both him and his mother use cold water. Yuck.  

F set up the bread maker again for tomorrow morning and I came upstairs to watch TV and use my computer.  Both of us took showers tonight and had a cup of decaf coffee.  I made a duck sandwich after my shower which I shared with F.  

That’s about it really.  Tomorrow I’m going to get my hair cut, but later in the afternoon.  I’ll most likely have breakfast and lunch here at the house before catching the bus downtown.  Wish me luck with that! 

This is the first year for a few that F and I haven’t had a big trip planned for the next day or two.  His birthday is on Thursday, and this year I couldn’t get him to think about going away.  Sigh.  It would have been fun, but possibly quite dangerous too.  For many of the last few years, we have had earthquakes around this time.  Yikes!

Well, that’s it for today.  Come back tomorrow and hear all about my day.  Will I have a good day?  I’m not sure.  Until tomorrow….

November 20, 2017

Monday - Rainy and cold, some snow

An okay day.  I got up a little later than usual this morning and did my stuff.  I was was a little worried that K would be in a mood still, but she was fine.  She did sort of mention that breakfast was cold though.  Well, yes, yes it is.  It is also easy and cheap.  I have basically decided to make oatmeal for us tomorrow though.  Hope she likes it!

I didn’t do any laundry today, although I probably should have.  I’ll do it tomorrow, or some of it.  I had a quiet morning and early afternoon, I went downstairs at 1:00 to put together lunch for us. We had a fabulous lunch of salad, smoked chicken sandwiches, Chinese style instant soup and a piece of bread with jam on it.  I found some raspberry jam in the fridge so used one of F’s homemade bread to have it on.  It was nice!

In the afternoon I watched the last, or second last Twin Peaks.  It just got more and more bizarre.  Sometimes I really loved it, other moments I didn’t.

I watched the news and a little later F came back from work.  He was tired, but I had a plan or two.  I suggested us going out for Sushi tonight like we’ve done a few times, then, tomorrow night making nabe at the house.  We’re going to do that.  There should be leftovers for K and I on Wednesday and since I’m going out in the afternoon, that’s a good thing.  Not too much clean up or fuss.  Also, I won’t have to worry if I decide to go early. K was invited to sushi, she chose not to come.  Part of her saving money plan I assume.

F and I had a good evening and ate a lot, but not too much sushi.  I discovered that the sushi shop had a frozen soy treat, so I had that and it was good.  I’m waiting to see if I get my dreaded nose plug up or not.  

After dinner, we went to another grocery store to pick up stuff for the nabe and for K and I.  We came back to the house and F set up the bread maker and I set up the plastic garbage for tomorrow.  

Later I was watching TV when I found that The Mummy Returns was on, so we watched that instead.  Fun!

And that’s about my day.  It was okay.  I’ll be a bit busy tomorrow I think, but come on back a bit later and find out!  Until tomorrow then….

November 19, 2017

Sunday - SNOW!!!

A good, productive day.  

I slept in this morning.  It was Sunday and I didn’t feel like getting up. I didn’t go to bed until 3:30 or something, so needed the extra sleep anyway.  F came back to bed about the time I started to get up.  He had made bread overnight and asked me if I could give some to his mother for her breakfast/lunch.  

I got dressed and then went down and had a bit of lunch with K.  While I was in the kitchen I turned on the overhead light and she came in and told me off.  Whatever.  It wasn’t dark in there, but I like to be able to see when I am making food! I made some open-faced sandwiches on F’s lovely homemade bread and also served us a chawanmushi each, plus some cup soup.  I liked it!

After I did the dishes, I came back upstairs again and started to move a lot of the stuff in our rooms.  I made room for our kerosene heater and cleared out the boxes from in front of it.  It took a while as we had a lot of DVDs there. I got the idea to move a DVD rack into the hallway so we could at least keep some of the best DVDs close by.  We did that and I sorted through the DVDs and put favourites in the racks and ones that we rarely watch to go to the garage and probably never be seen again.  

F brought up the kerosene heater and we switched it on.  Warmth, hurray.  He also told his mother off for yelling at me and not using the lights.  Honestly, she’s terrible.  She’ll sit in the dark rather than “waste” the energy to have the lights on.  I figure that I am important enough to have the lights on.  I try not to be wasteful and leave the lights on when I leave the room, but I am going to use them if I deem it necessary.

We went out around 4 and picked up something for K’s dinner.  F wasn’t going to, but I told him we had to be the adults here!  He said he wasn’t an adult…. After that, we went out.  He suggested a nice, spendy restaurant first, and then a crap one that I hate.  We ended up going there and it was as bad as I remember.  Sigh.  Big food that is bad isn’t a good thing.  

He was hemming and hawing about putting on the winter tires but hadn’t done it.  First, he said tomorrow, then he said tonight, and so on. He started to do it but didn’t have the right tools, so we had to go and buy them.  When we came back, I helped him move the new tires, and then came into the house to do garbage duty. K got up to see who was in the kitchen so I told her what F was doing.  By that time, I was putting away the clean dishes, so it was obvious that I was doing something.  Also, the lights were on!

When F finished, we left the house.  I wasn’t sure if we would go for a drink and some wifi or to the Internet Cafe.  We ended up at the Internet Cafe.  I watched a little TV and then some YouTube.  I started to watch Jann Arden on YouTube and she is so darn funny that I was laughing out loud at some of the things she said.  

When it was time to go, we paid our bill. As F did that, I looked outside and gasped.  There was a lot of snow outside.  It had snowed and there was probably 5 cm of snow on the car and the ground.  Yikes.  I still haven’t found my winter boots.  

We got back to the house and came upstairs.  F took a shower tonight and I didn’t.  I’ve been on my computer for a while, in front of the heater. Yay for that!  It’s nearly warm enough in this room.  

Tomorrow I’m not sure what I’ll get up to.  I hope there isn’t any more fallout from the “Lightgate”.  Time will tell.  Come back later and find out all about the happenings here in Tsuruoka.  Until tomorrow….

November 18, 2017

Saturday - Cold and rainy

A good day.

It is so late that I don’t have time for a full update. 

Basically, F and I went to see Logan Lucky after lunch at The Grand El Sun. I enjoyed it, he fell asleep.  

We went out to Mikawa Shopping Centre and did a lot of Christmas shopping. I got quite a lot of things for the people in my life, which was really good.  

We came back to Tsuruoka and F went to bed quite a while ago, and I spent too much time on my computer! 

It was a good, but seriously cold day.  I think I might turn into a popsicle if we don’t work on a proper heater for up here.  

That’s it….come back later for all the Sunday news….until tomorrow!

November 17, 2017

Friday - Cold 

A mixed day.

Last night I was so pleased that I was able to go out and to talk to my sister that my day was great.  Today, my day just didn’t feel as good.

I got up at my usual time and watched a bit of telly before going to make breakfast.  This morning I decided to give K some warm milk with her cereal so that she wouldn’t get as cold.  I think it was good for her. I enjoyed my breakfast as much as usual.

Upstairs I relaxed and watched some more videos from the DVR. I watched an episode of Reign again. I have rather a lot and I want to clear some room from the DVR.  

I went downstairs around 1 to offer K lunch. She accepted and I made her some open-face ham sandwiches, plus a hot salad.  It’s some veggies in a pack from the store that you microwave and then put a dressing on.  They were good.  We shared the meal and had a cup of diced peaches each afterwards.

After lunch,  I vacuumed the stairs and also a bit of our room.  I got the worst of the foam that F had left lying around.  

There wasn’t much on the TV and since I had a couple of hours I decided to watch Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  I must say that I quite enjoyed it!  I haven’t told F that I watched it yet. I might let him in on it, but I’m not sure. He’s not really watching things with me these days.  

F came back to the house a little after 5:30.  At first, he was in a good mood.  We asked his mother if she’d like to come out with us, but she said no.  We got out to the car and F did the thing where he demanded I tell him where to go.  I suggested a couple of places but he didn’t like them.  I asked him and of course, he said a ramen shop.  When I said I wouldn’t go he got all mad and told me never to ask him again.  I can’t win.  I don’t eat ramen, but I suggested places where he can get ramen and I don’t have to, but they aren’t good enough for him.  Sigh.  

He decided to take us to a bento shop which I agreed to, and then he changed his mind.  As he drove out of the parking lot, I suggested going to Gusto again and then ordering a take-out bento for his mother at the end.  He seemed to like that idea, so we went to Gusto.  

The food at Gusto was fine. I had a roast beef and rice meal, F had a rice gruel thing that he often orders.  He got a bento for his mother and we left.  I had requested that we stop at a drugstore and he followed me doggedly through every aisle, despite me suggesting that he wait in the car.  Finally, I told him we might as well just leave because I wouldn’t buy anything with him looking over my shoulder.  He finally backed off.

We came back to the house and he immediately changed into his pyjamas, although he didn’t go to bed yet. It is very cold in our room up here, sadly, a portent of things to come. I am not looking forward to this winter at all. We had some tea and then F went to bed and is sleeping away.  

I’m not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow. F has a busy morning planned with his mother and going to the doctor. I’m hoping to see a movie and perhaps do a bit more Christmas shopping. Wish me luck with that. Come back later and see what happens.  Until tomorrow…

November 16, 2017

Thursday - Cool, rainy

A good day.  Also, happy birthday to my younger sister!

I actually slept in late a few minutes this morning.  Since they have shuffled the foreign news broadcasts in the morning, I haven’t had the same reason to get up for 8 am on the dot.  Still, I got up and had my tea and did the bed and got dressed, the usual.

I went downstairs and had breakfast with K.  We had some tea, but a little after we finished our breakfast as the water wasn’t on.  It was nice.  I did the dishes and then went upstairs.  I watched an episode of Reign. I enjoy it, but it bears no resemblance to actual history.  Megan Follows is pretty great though.

I looked at the clock and realized that I had to move my butt if I was going to get out of the house on-time to catch my bus.  I really was quite ready to go, so it wasn’t a big deal.  I left the house after saying goodbye to K.

I caught the bus easily. I was a bit worried because the front of the bus didn’t have the right number on it, but figured that it was a mistake on the driver’s part. It seems that it was as the bus went exactly where I needed it to go! 

I got off at the station and walked back to the post office.  I was looking for Gotochi cards for a swap I’m doing.  I went in and the first person I saw was a worker from my old branch.  I think she’s a floater as I’ve seen her in another branch too.  Anyway, her face lit up when she saw me and we were both pretty happy to see each other!  I don’t know if she understands English, but she seems to, although she hasn’t spoken any to me.  Anyway, I got the cards I wanted and then I was off again.  

I walked back to S-Mall. I passed a new shop on the way and discovered that it was a tarot reading place.  That was interesting!  I was hoping it was a new coffee shop.  At S-Mall, I did a little pre-buying, or window shopping until it was time to go outside and meet my friend.  She picked me up and we went off to Anmol, the Indian restaurant.  We had a lovely lunch and lots of conversation.  Sadly, around 3 we had to leave the restaurant and she had to get back to work.  She graciously left me off at the mall again.  

I walked to my hairdresser to see if I could get a haircut today.  She was busy and asked if I could come back tomorrow.  I said I couldn’t, but made an appointment for next week.  I’ll go back again on Wednesday.

I walked back to the Mall and did a little shopping.  I bought a couple of small things for presents and then went to Doutors and had a lovely cup of coffee.  F came and joined me when he finished work. 

We picked up some food for his mother there and then delivered it to the house.  I did a quick email thing I had to do and then the two of us went to the Internet Cafe for a little massaging chair action.   We both had dinner there too.  Afterwards, F used our points to pay for the evening, so we only owed about 500 yen.  Woot.  

We came back to the house via the grocery store. I’d forgotten to get a few things that I needed earlier.  I got things that I can share for lunch tomorrow if necessary.  

We had a quiet evening in.  I did manage to FaceTime my sister to wish her a happy birthday. It was lovely to see her, although the phones kept cutting out.  

And that was my day. It was a good one, but now it is over and I have to get to bed.  Come back later and see what I get up to!  Until tomorrow….