October 24, 2016

Monday-Sunny and Warm

A good day and a good weekend!

I had a good trip to Sendai, got back tonight.  I’ll just give a few highlights before I go on with my entry about today.

My trip to Sendai on Saturday was fine.  I had no problems finding the hotel, the only problem with the hotel was they asked for my passport.  I reminded them that I didn’t have to show it to them and paid my bill!

The room was fine.  I had a semi-double room and as the hotel was brand new, everything was nice and shiny in the room.  I relaxed for a few minutes and then headed out to The Mall.  At The Mall, I did a little shopping (socks!) and then headed over to the theater and bought my ticket to see Star Trek Beyond.  I had an hour or so and I wanted something to eat, so took myself off to a Starbucks for quiche and a sandwich.  After that, back to the movie.  

I enjoyed the film, thought it was okay but not great.  I shed a bit of a tear when “For Anton” appeared at the end.  I went to the washroom and then left the building.  I was halfway to the subway station when I realized that I didn’t have my socks bag.  Ack.  What to do?  I decided that since I wasn’t sure I could get back in the building tonight and I wasn’t sure how late the subway runs in Sendai, I would go back to my hotel and try and go back on Sunday.  I had a fairly early night that night.

Sunday morning I got up early and took a bath in the hotel’s public bath, then got dressed and headed to the station.  I met up with my friends, we had breakfast and then headed out to the ETJ Expo.  We nearly took the wrong train, but righted ourselves.  

We set up the table and had a good day chatting and talking about our organization to interested women.  Some people had to leave early, but three of us went out for coffee afterwards.  I left them then and went back to my hotel to drop off my stuff.

I zoomed back over to The Mall and picked up my socks which were being held by the clerks at the ticket desk.  I was really happy that they had them!  

I didn’t have time for much exploring, but I had dinner in an Italian restaurant, then bought a few munchies at the grocery store in the Mall.  I went back to the hotel and got a movie card and watched a movie before going to bed.

Today, I checked out of the hotel and put my stuff in two lockers.  My backpack was huge and I didn’t want to try stuffing it in one locker with my suitcase.  

I caught a subway and went to a new cinema for me, The Forum.  I saw Genius, the film about Max Perkins, a famous editor.  He edited books by Fitzgerald and Hemingway, but this book was mostly about his relationship with Thomas Wolfe.  I liked it, although I’m not sure if everyone would.  

After the movie, I headed back downtown.  I had lunch in a hamburger joint that one of the ladies from the day before had said was the “second-best” hamburger restaurant in the station.  I never found out where the first one was.  I didn’t like it that much.  My hamburger had a layer of salt on it, and along with the french fries left me terribly thirsty.
I bought a few postcards in different stores and gradually made my way over to the bus station.  I boarded my bus at 16:25 and was off on my way home.  

F met me at the bus centre and we first had a coffee in Doutors and then went for dinner at Togashi.  We had Yakiniku and it was great.  I had spent the weekend having sandwiches and onigiri and I needed something “real”.  

We bought a few groceries and then came home.  I got caught up on Postcrossing and email, the usual.  

And that’s it. I’m sitting here yawning at my keyboard, so I think I’m going to get myself off to bed soon.  Come back later and see what my Tuesday is like!  Until tomorrow….

October 21, 2016

Friday - Warm and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning and watched The X-Files…same old, same old.  I had a nice morning actually.  I did a couple of loads of laundry, nothing exciting, mostly towels.

In the afternoon I watched some of the TV off the DVR and deleted it afterwards, then had lunch and scanned my cards too.  I was thinking about going to the bank tonight, but didn’t.  

I rode my mother in law’s bike to the post office.  I wanted to take mine, but the front tire was flat.  I must have a puncture since I blew it up a couple of weeks ago and haven’t ridden it since.  At the post office I dropped off my mail, made a small deposit into my account and then came home again.

At home, I began working on dinner.  I started by doing the day’s dishes and then cut up some vegetables and basically prepared things so that we could just make our pizzas and enjoy ourselves.  

F was a bit late tonight. I didn’t know that he had gone to Yamagata City, so I felt sorry for him.  He was also quite tired.

We had “make your own pizza” for dinner.  We had bought bases from the store, some caramelized onions, chicken, leftover taco meat, grated cheddar, zucchini, olives, fried potatoes, mushrooms and sliced tomatoes.  We made all sorts of combos, and then baked them in the toaster oven.  They were delish! It’s a fun way to make a meal.  It is a bit of work, but if things are are leftovers then it isn’t too bad.  

F did the dishes and I did a few getting ready for my trip things.  Tomorrow I will be catching a bus for Sendai and on Sunday I’ll attend the ETJ Expo representing my women’s group, AFWJ.  I’m looking forward to it as it’ll give me a chance to meet up with some friends I hardly ever get to see.  

So, that’s it for me.  Don’t miss me too much, and come on back in a few days to hear all about my trip.  Until….?

October 20, 2016

Thursday - Rainy and cooler

A good day.

I had a very quiet day today, for the most part.  I didn’t go out, didn’t do too much, but I did accomplish a couple of things I needed to get done.

In the morning I of course watched The X-Files, but snoozed a bit on The Dome.  F called me, a thing that happened a lot today! I made the bed, got dressed and a few minutes later F came home with his bento for lunch.  It was the first time he’d been home for lunch all week so I really should have been happy to see him, but I find that when he’s home I don’t get anything done at all.  

After he left, I worked on my packing for my trip.  I think I have everything sorted out.  I probably should pack a hat just in case it gets colder, but other than that, I think I’m okay.  

I was just thinking about lunch at 2:00 pm when F came home as he had time before his driving gig.  The people he was driving were in an office nearby and it didn’t make sense for him to go back to his workplace.  After he left, I had my lunch.  I put together an awesome chicken/taco salad thing.  Seriously, the thing was amazing!

I watched an episode of Once Upon a Time off the DVR over lunch and then cleared a couple of other shows off too.

Around 5, I did the mountain of dishes and then put a few finishing touches on dinner.  I grated cheese and washed tomatoes, I plated a few things too.  F came home and immediately started to watch wrestling from the the Olympics which I think was over two months ago.  I wasn’t best pleased when he didn’t come to the table when I asked him to.  I kept my cool however, and I made my own taco and started to eat it and didn’t nag.  
He came and we enjoyed dinner.

He didn’t do the dishes tonight, but he was tired and I didn’t care.  I know if I do them, I don’t have to re-do them later!  There weren’t many tonight as I didn’t really cook, I just reheated.

Later on, F went for a walk and then took a bath.  I watched Bones and I think I finished crocheting the two panels of my poncho.  I’ll measure them tomorrow to make sure.  Then I’ll probably have to start darning in the ends.  Oh no! I also wrote up three cards for postcrossing.  I’ll have to send them tomorrow.

That’s about it for me.  I have the heater on tonight. It isn’t terribly cold, just a bit chilly and the floor is quite cold.  I’m comfortable with it on.  

Come back later and see what I get up to.  There is a slight chance that I won’t update tomorrow night as I’ll be travelling on Saturday and won’t be around for a bit. If you check and I’m not here, don’t worry! Probably, until tomorrow….

October 19, 2016

Wednesday - Warm and Sunny

A great day!

I got up in time to watch The X-Files and have some tea and breakfast.  Today’s X-File was quite funny, Mulder and Scully helped advise a movie about their work, but of course the movie got lots of things wrong.  It also had a brief cameo of Téa Leoni as the movie-Scully.  

After my show, I made the bed and then took a shower.  I got dressed after the shower and waited for my friend.  She arrived nearly on time and I went out to meet her.  

I gave her some goodies from Korea and Niigata and then we talked about going for lunch.  We decided to go to First Point so drove off down the road.  On Ginza-dori we parked and went to the restaurant.  Today I tried to have their carbonara, but they were out, so I had the shrimp pasta in cream sauce again.  That was nice.  My friend had the chestnut and mushroom pasta that I had on the weekend.  We were both quite pleased with our dishes.  We had a lot of conversations and good food, so we enjoyed ourselves.  We took a short walk down the street after lunch and then decided to have a quick drink at Cafe Studio Cinq.  We had more chat and a quick discussion about what to do with our online group that we moderate.  Then, it was time to go.  She dropped me off at home and went back to her city.

I tried to go back in the apartment but F had come home and automatically barred the door.  I unlocked it, but couldn’t get in. I had to ring the doorbell to get him to let me in!  I wasn’t upset, I know he just does it without thinking.  

We had a good reunion and discussed what to do with our afternoon.  It was fairly quiet for a while. 

In the evening, we went for dinner to Sashimiya, which was good.  We both had tuna and negi-toro donburi, but F had his larger.  We tacked on an order of motsu and onion and cheese rings.  (The onion rings were okay, the cheese rings not worth the calories.)

We went to the Internet Cafe for the next 3 hours.  We were both lucky enough to get massaging chairs.  I watched a couple of episodes on YouTube of L.A. Frock Stars and read a little, knitted a little and drank coffee a little.  

We bought some groceries at the store afterwards and then came home.  I watched Grey’s Anatomy and did up the garbage for F to take out tomorrow.  

That’s about it really.  It was so lovely to see my friend, she’s glowing these days.  It was also nice to see my hubby at home and enjoy having him around.  He’s been having a rough time at work and  it was good for him to relax.  

Tomorrow I’ll get back to preparing for my weekend trip, and I might even pop out for a little while in the afternoon if I have the chance.  Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

October 18, 2016

Tuesday - Sunny and warm

A good day.

This morning I got up and watched The X-Files and had my breakfast with some tea.  I love these relaxed mornings.  Unfortunately, I continued the relaxed morning into the afternoon!  However, I did get a few things done.  I finally got down my quilt from the cupboard and put the cover on it.  Then, I made the bed and took off my blanket and towelket.  I took off F’s blanket too, but left him the towelket.  He likes his bed complicated.  I’m not sure he’ll even notice, fingers crossed.

In the afternoon I took a shower and used some new shampoo.  I bought a sample of it in Sendai as I’d seen a bottle of it locally and thought I might try it.  It is supposed to add shine to my hair.  It does, but unfortunately it makes it a little itchy too, so I probably won’t be buying it.  Sigh.  

I had lunch early for me, after my shower and it was really good.  I finished up a few things from the fridge, and made myself a really yummy Buddha bowl.  It was a pleasure to eat today!

When lunch was over I scanned my cards and got them ready for the post office.  I ran them off and then decided to detour to the convenience store. I didn’t get the iced coffee I planned on getting, I got an iced tea.  It was really good, so yay me.

I came home and got started on dinner.  I set up my onions in my frying pan to caramelize and while that was happening, I did the dishes and then prepped the other things for dinner.  I knew that F might be late tonight, but I still ran out of time.  He came home around 7:00 I think, but I still had to bake dinner.  I made a tian and lemon pepper chicken.  We had those with salad.  It was lovely.  Really good. F even had seconds of the veggies and lately he hasn’t been doing that.  

F did the dishes afterwards and I emailed a friend to let her know that I was free to Skype.  She wanted some feedback from the workshop she gave a couple of weekends ago.  We had a great chat.

I made us some tea and we finally finished up the apple crumble with some ice cream for a late dessert.  I watched Criminal Minds and later on NCIS: LA.  And that was, more or less, my day.  

Tomorrow, F is hoping to take the day off to take his mother to the doctor as she’s under the weather.  I have a lunch date that I’m looking forward to so yay on that.  I should be back tomorrow night, so please come back in a little bit.  Until tomorrow….

October 17, 2016

Monday - Warmer

A good day.

I got up this morning as my alarm rang and made it to the couch in time to watch The X-Files.  I had some tea and some overnight oatmeal and enjoyed myself.  I really relaxed, so it was nice.

Around 1, I started working in my bedroom.  I moved the box that has been in front of my closet for ages and then went through some of my clothes.  I did a little bit of KonMari on my wardrobe.  I didn’t throw out a lot of stuff yet, but I did throw out some, so yay me! I also did a little bit of packing for my trip on the weekend.

When I finished I had a very late lunch.  I finished up some of the yummy stuff from last week.  Then, I got started on dinner for tonight.  I was making tacos from scratch.  I had some leftover taco seasoning mix that I had made before and decided to use that.  I got many of the other ingredients ready for dinner.  I just needed someone to eat with.

F didn’t come until after 7 pm so I was a tad worried about him.  He’d gone shopping for his mother and apparently had some food with her too.  I cooked the ground meat and then it was time to eat.  The tacos were pretty good but I was disappointed that F only had one.  Then he told me that he’d eaten something with his mother. 

After dinner F finally did the dishes and then he went for a walk.  I stayed home and did some Postcrossing.  Yay.  I wrote 4 cards today so that was good.  I’ll have to scan them and send them tomorrow afternoon.  

We had a fairly quiet evening here, except F watched some TV. It wasn’t the bad kind, so I’m not complaining.  

Basically that was my day.  Mostly unexciting, but I am glad to have started working on my wardrobe even a little.  

That’s it for me.  Come back later and see how my Tuesday is.  Until tomorrow….

October 16, 2016

Sunday - Warm and Sunny

A good day.

I got up around 11 am today. It’s Sunday, my usual sleeping in day, so didn’t feel too bad about it at all. I got up and went on line for a few minutes.  

F wanted to go for lunch fairly soon, so I got dressed and off we went.  He wanted to take me off to Kushibiki, a suburb of Tsuruoka, so off we drove.  I was worried that he was going to take me to a horrible little place he took me once before, but he didn’t.  He took me to a nice place that he might have taken me before, but I couldn’t quite remember if I’d been there or not.  I had a meat-veggie stir-fry and it was good.  F had ramen with spicy tofu in it and he liked his too.  

After that, we did a little driving around.  We drove to Asahi Village and went to a road stop there.  I bought a zucchini and a spaghetti squash there.  Yay! After we left there, we went to another road stop a bit closer to home and went inside.  We looked around and they had spaghetti squash too, a bit cheaper than I got it for!  I didn’t buy one.  We did get persimmon ice cream, but honestly, it didn’t really taste like persimmon so we were a tad disappointed.

We thought about going fishing, but decided that it was too late in the day now to start, so just came home.  We relaxed for a while until it was time to think about dinner.

For dinner tonight, F suggested the place we originally wanted to go to last night.  Oh, yeah…last night I was so very tired. I don’t know if I wrote about the festival that we found when we got downtown! We sort of ignored it, but wished we’d known earlier about it.  We ended up going to the restaurant.  They use local produce and are fairly cheap and not too bad.  They also let you have as much rice and miso soup with your meal as you like.  I have very little rice, F has a lot so we’re both happy!

During our meal, I suggested to F that we go for coffee afterwards.  The only place that we could go locally was McDonalds!  We went, I had a cappuccino and F had a latte.  They weren’t bad drinks.  I have decided that Tsuruoka really needs a non-alcohol place for adults to go after 8:00pm.  There’s nowhere now.  
We bought our groceries for the next couple of days and saw that the grocery had tiny spaghetti squash!  They’ve never had them before.  I got a few things for the next couple of days worth of food, and something for my lunch too. 

We came home and watched an okay but not great Russell Crowe film (Fathers and Daughters) and then a really weird film with Rupert Grint (Ron from Harry Potter) and Ron Perlman.  F went to bed a little while ago, I’ll probably go to bed fairly soon tonight.  

I’m not really sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow.  I have a bit of a plan, but knowing me I’m not sure if I’ll get to it or not.  Come back and see just what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….