April 30, 2017

Sunday - Sunny, then cloudy later on

A good day.

F and I slept in a bit this morning, then got up.  He suggested going to an out of town restaurant and then going to see the tulips with his mother.  I thought it was an okay idea, so went along with it.  

We got to the restaurant and got a table.  F did something really stupid though.  He ordered two noodle dishes.  He ordered bifun and a yakisoba.  I had only asked for some stir-fried vegetables, but he also ordered some gyoza and ramen for his mother.  That of course was fine.  I only ate some of the vegetables and some of the bifun. I didn’t bother with the yakisoba since it looked horrible, and I already had noodles.  I didn’t have any gyoza either.  Honestly F, you need to vary your diet a bit more.  

We went to look at the tulips which were really pretty.  It wasn’t very crowded up there. In past years there were lots of people and booths of people selling food.  It was like a party.  This year, nothing.  We walked around a little, took some photos and then came back to F’s house and dropped off his mother.

We went over to the apartment and while F worked I took a nap!  I was so tired today for some reason.   After a while I got up and made us some coffee and then decided to pack up most of the stuff in the fridge.  I threw out a bunch of stuff too, some of it with F’s blessing, so that was good.  

We brought a carload of things back to F’s house and put the boxes wherever.  I asked F to help me unpack the food and we put it in the fridge.  Most of it fit!

We went out again to have dinner.  I had hoped for Krippa, the Indian place. I wanted to try it again…I thought we were going there, but F went with my other suggestion of Kintaro Sushi.  We went to the restaurant near the house, not our usual one.  We had a nice meal, if it wasn’t very relaxing.  

After dinner I suggested going to McDonalds for coffee, so we drove around Tsuruoka looking for a coffee shop.  We didn’t find one open.  Finally, we ended up at our usual McDonald, despite that one being quite far away.  F had coffee, I had tea, we used the wifi and then came back to his house.  

F went to bed fairly early, I’m still up. I’ve been playing catch up with my email.  I tossed a lot of it, but had to answer some of it.  I think I’m nearly up to date.

Tomorrow, F is off work.  He is having a medical test in the morning, he just changed doctors again so the new one wants a new test.  In the afternoon we’ll visit a friend in the next city. We hope/plan to go to city hall and change our address officially soon too.  Could turn into a busy day!

Come back later and see what we get up to.  Until tomorrow….

April 29, 2017

Saturday - Rainy and cool

A good day.

We slept in a little this morning.  It was a weird fact that I actually woke up at the usual time for me these days.  So weird.  I am not a morning person however.  I fell back asleep soon after.  

I did get up before 10 am.  F took his mother out to an onsen and I went downstairs with my computer to try to work out the internet problems.  The big news is that I managed to get the internet up and running.  It isn’t perfect yet.  I have the feeling that I have to take something offline and start again.  I can access the internet on my computer, but not on my cellphone.  That isn’t good! Still, now that I have some internet, I can hopefully check out the problems and see if I can fix this for the better.

When F came back, I was still trying to catch up on all the stuff I needed.  I didn’t quite manage but it was okay.  F & I went out for lunch to the Grand El Sun which was lovely.  Then, we headed to the apartment and did some cleaning.  

I finally asked F to get as much of his stuff as he could and got him to take down the light fixtures for me.  He got them down and then I washed them.  When he was ready, he put the now clean ones back up.  

We took a load of stuff to F’s house and then went out to get his mother a bento.  After that, we went for dinner.  

F and I had dinner at First Point, a nice pasta restaurant on Ginza Dori.  We both had pilaf today, with some shrimp too.  It was good.

We went to Machi Kine tonight to see Fast and Furious 8.  I don’t think I stopped laughing once. It was over the top, but I really needed to see a crazy goofy movie for a change.  Jason Statham was of course wonderful too.  

After the film, we came back to the house via the conbini.  We each needed a drink and some snacks!

And that was about it for my day.  It was so nice not to have to use my phone all the time, and nice to have the internet again.  

I have to go. I am tired again and it is late.  Probably catch up again later.  Until tomorrow….

April 28, 2017

Friday - Sunny but cool

A goodish day.

I practically fell asleep on my computer last night. I was reading 1984 and then I'd wake up 20 minutes later without understanding the paragraph I'd read 4 times already.  I called it a night and went to sleep.

This morning, F woke me up just after my alarm.  I wasn't sure why, mine goes off before his so I can have a snooze.  He was up, so I got up too.  We went off, stopping at 7-11 for coffees.  He dropped me off near our apartment and I walked in and then took out the garbage immediately.

I had a quiet morning.  I watched yesterday's ER and then today's, and had some breakfast too. After that, I got busy.  I worked on the kitchen table and finally got it cleared off and then cleaned.   By then it was lunch time, so F showed up to eat his lunch.  He left again, so I had my lunch.  

After lunch I did the dishes (this is so mundane…sorry) then started washing the walls.  I got the big one done in the spare room, and then moved the stepladder back to the genkan.  I cleaned the walls, the cupboard doors, the door to the apartment and around the fuse box.  Yay me.  It took a bit of doing because I am short and the walls are a bit high, but I got it done.  Yay.

After 5 pm I took a shower and then got a call from F to say he'd be late.  I took a break, had some coffee, and promptly fell asleep!  When he called again to say he was coming home, I was a bit groggy.

When he arrived, he was very tired.  He didn't want to do anything in the apartment.  He was in a lot of pain.  He suggested going to the Internet Cafe tonight, which I was okay with.  He called his mum and she asked for a bento.  We got her one and then dropped it off.  I picked up my knitting and off we went.  

We were lucky to be able to get the massaging seats and spent the next 4 hours in the comfy chairs.  We both had dinner there.  I had pasta which was okay but not great.  I watched some TV and also some YouTube.  When the first three hours were nearly up, I woke F up and asked if he was ready to leave.  He wasn't, so we stayed for another hour.  After that, I was really ready to go.  I woke him up again and this time we left.  F paid and off we went.  We went to 7-11 on the way home for some beverages and then went to the house.  

F is snoozing again.  I'm not too tired tonight, but I should go to sleep soon.  F is planning an onsen trip for him and his mother in the morning. That should give me another chance to try the internet and call for help if I can't get it to work.  Fingers crossed I can make the machines talk to each other as I am getting so very frustrated using my phone for everything.  Texting is not one of my pleasures!

Come back later and see if things work out, and if we manage to get anything out of the apartment!  Until tomorrow….

April 27, 2017

Thursday - Sunny but cool

A busy day.

I woke up this morning before 7:00 as I have for the past couple of months.  F wasn't up.  In fact, he decided not to go to work.  His back was bothering him again.  He didn't want to leave the house until a bit after 8:00 am.  I was a tad bothered as I had things I wanted to do, but I also really wanted a bit of a lie-in!

We left after 8:00 this morning, and drove to the apartment.  There I set the DVR for my two morning shows and we went off to have breakfast at Gusto.  It was rather nice to have some peace and quiet and enjoy a slower paced morning.

We went back to the apartment, I changed into apartment cleaning clothes, and we both got busy.  F did a lot today.  He cleaned the toilet and the balcony and the shoe closets.  I cleaned the balcony first, I swept a lot of the leaves up and redid part of the window that needed it.  I also cleaned the genkan.  F had done the heavy lifting of emptying it, I did the dusting and wiping.  I also cleaned the mail box for good measure.  Really cleaned it.  

We stopped along the way for lunch, courtesy of the butcher's shop that is now a very busy restaurant.  It was good, not great today.  

We stopped working on the apartment around 7:00 pm.  We had done a lot, but there is so much more to do.  Sigh.  

We brought K a bento for her dinner, unloaded the car and then we went out again.  I suggested a Chinese place near the house so we went there.  I wasn't overly impressed tonight, but it was okay.  I had wanted more vegetables, but the dishes that F wanted didn't have that many.  

We came home after dinner and came upstairs.  We ended up having a nap for an hour or so before waking up.  We played a couple of card games.  I tried to teach F to play Blackjack, but I realized that I don't know how to play Blackjack!  Oh well, he knows the basics now, if not the exact rules.  

And that's about it.  At one point in the day, I told F that he probably worked harder in the apartment than he would have at work.  It might be true!  He is still in a lot of pain, but the better weather today may have helped him a bit.  

Tomorrow I'll be back to the apartment.  I plan to wash walls again and perhaps pack up more of the things I've been using in the apartment.  I should also clean the fridge and toss any remaining outdated stuff.  There really isn't much though.  

Come back later if you want and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

April 26, 2017

Wednesday - Rainy

A good day.

We got up this morning and left quite early.  We did our now usual thing of getting coffee at the 7-11 and then going to the apartment where F dropped me off.

I didn't get to work today as I had plans early on.  However, I took a shower and then did a bit of laundry, so I wasn't entirely a couch potato.

Around 11 am I went to meet with a friend of mine.  We went to Tokai, the yarn shop, where I didn't buy anything, but she did. She was looking for yarn to make a baby blanket, I helped her find it and then we went off for lunch.  We went to Anmol and had some very nice Indian food.  I had a vegetarian curry and she had something with meat in it.  We also had naan, salad and some tandori chicken too.  We had a great discussion about work and family and friends and travel.  It was lovely.

When we had stayed in the restaurant as long as we should, we decamped to Doutor in the mall. We had more discussion there and I used the wifi to update some of my apps! All too soon, it was time for her to go, so she dropped me off at my apartment and went on her way.  I got to work.

Today my task was to wash the walls of the bedroom.  I got them done too, so that was good.  There are a few problem areas, but the room as a whole looks much better and fresher.  F came back to the apartment around 6 and spent a bit of time doing some cleaning of the fixtures in the apartment.  I made us some tea and after a bit, we went out for dinner.

I had suggested going to the new fish restaurant that F likes.  We went there and it wasn't busy at all.  We were directed to a private dining room when we got there, but when we went in, the table was covered in dirty dishes!  There was almost no-one in the restaurant.  I refused to sit down, and went back out again to the main part of the restaurant.  A different waiter appeared and when he saw the dishes directed us to another table.  We did have a nice meal, after all of that.  We both had cooked fish.  F had my usual, gindara, and I had hokke, which was very big and nice. Mine was so big that I shared it with F.  

After dinner we hit up the drugstore nearby.  I was having a chocolate craving, so I got some and also picked up some junk food, drinks and shampoo for F.  We also got a card from the shop tonight too.  We shop there a few times a month now, so might as well get one.  We came back to the house after that.

We had a quiet evening in so far.  F is snoozing behind me,  I'm tired, but so far not falling asleep.  I've read a couple of chapters of 1984 tonight. It's a bit confusing, but I see parallels to certain governments.  

F is talking about taking tomorrow off if his back is bad.  Of course, I don't want him to suffer, but I also don't want him hanging around the apartment all day.  I have things that I want to get done, and he has a tendency to get in my way, or do things in a different way.  Still, we have a lot to do, and not a lot of time to do them either.  

Come back later and see what my Thursday looks like.  Until tomorrow….

April 25, 2017

 Tuesday - Sunny

A busy day.

Neither F nor I wanted to get up this morning, we were very tired.  I've been going to bed much earlier than usual, since I'm getting up so early these days.  Last night I was early to bed, and early to rise as well.  Boo!

I went over to the apartment with F.  He dropped me off and I took out the garbage, then went back in.  After a little bit of vegging to catch up on the news, I got busy.  I worked a bit on clearing off the table and then after breakfast, I took down the bedroom curtains and slung them in the washing machine.  After that, I cleaned windows for most of the day.  

The windows in the bedroom weren't terrible. I had cleaned them a couple of years ago, so weren't in as bad shape as some parts of the apartment, but getting the tracks in the bottom of the window clean was a challenge. I persevered and got it done.

I then began the whole thing over again with the living room windows.  These ones were quite bad since they hadn't been done in years.  I even went out and did the windows outside on the balcony.  F got home just as I was finishing up.  The windows aren't perfect, but they look quite good I think.  I did the walls around them too for good measure.  Yay me.

F was really tired when he came home, but did a little bit of cleaning too.  That was nice of him.  I tried to get him to make us tea, but he didn't.  We rehung the curtains, but didn't put up the lace curtains this time.  

Dinner tonight was courtesy of Fireball and it was good.  We had a couple of kinds of pasta, bacon and gorgonzola was mine, F chose pork and mushroom with Japanese style sauce.  They were both very delicious.

We called F's mother, but she said she had food, so we just came back to the house.  She was in bed when we arrived, so F and I just came upstairs.  F is so tired, he's snoozing away. I am falling asleep over my computer, although I did manage to read a little of 1984 first.  I've never read it before.

Tomorrow I'm going to the apartment again, but am also meeting a friend for lunch.  I hope to do a little shopping with her and then I hope to send her on her way. 

Well, sad to say, that's it for tonight.  I am falling asleep over my keyboard, so I will wish you adieu.  Until tomorrow….

April 24, 2017

 Monday - Sunny

A good day.

It was hard to get up this morning, but we still managed.  We left before K was up I think.  We stopped and got some coffee and I got a salad, F got something for his breakfast.

He dropped me off at the apartment and I went in.  I took out the garbage first and then vegged for a while.  I had a very hard time getting motivated today.  At first, I went through some of F's boxes and sorted them out a bit.  F just has so much junk and wants to keep it all.  For example, a few years ago he bought a couch cover without any input from me.  It was horrible.  Brown lace, polyester. Bleck.  We used it for a while, but it became too much of a pain to keep on the couch.  Today I found it in a bag and later asked if I could toss it.  No.  He likes it.  It has that stinky, musty smell at the moment and it is seriously ugly.  And did I mention we are junking the couch anyway?  I think I might accidentally lose it tomorrow.  Is that too evil?

F came home for his lunch and afterwards, I went out to buy mine.  He did offer to bring me something, but I needed to pick up a few things like granola and bread.  

After lunch, I did a few little things around the apartment.  I didn't really accomplish anything big though.  I put some bathroom stuff in a box, I tidied up a little, that kind of thing.  

When F came around 6 tonight he started cleaning right away.  I was going to stop him, but decided that it was a good thing and he should keep doing it after all! I joined him in cleaning, and did a first run at the living room windows.  I haven't finished, but I took the windows from gross and dirty to just dirty! My plan is to take down the curtains tomorrow and wash them, then while they are in the machine, I'll wash the windows. I'm not sure if I'll get the living room and the bedroom ones done, but I can try.  

We picked up a few groceries for K and then went and had our dinner.  We went to the little Chinese restaurant near the bridge.  Now that we have an idea what dishes are good, I'll miss this place.  For the longest time when we went there, I got stuck with really nasty things, but recently, I enjoy most of the food we get there.

We came back to the house and gave K her food.  F and I came upstairs where we have stayed.  F is snoozing away. He's having back and neck problems again, but this new doctor did at least give him different medicine and stronger painkillers.  

So that was it for me today.  Come back in a bit and find out how my Tuesday goes.  Until tomorrow….