June 21, 2017

Wednesday - Rainy

A good day!

I got up and went out with F again this morning.  I didn’t go into the convenience store this morning, because I was planning to go somewhere that had a drink bar.  Today, I got F to drop me off at the Internet Cafe.  I got a massaging chair and spent almost 3 hours there.  I had some tea and some coffee, also breakfast and then it was time to go.  I snoozed a little, I must admit, but I was tired.  The massaging chair felt really nice today, after yesterday’s hard work.

Around 10:30 I roused myself and made my way over to the station. I bought a ticket and caught the train with lots of time to spare.  Woot!  The train ride to Sakata was nice and quiet and I did a  couple of rows of my knitting.  When I got off the train in Sakata and went out to meet my friend, she wasn’t there yet, so I just waited for her.  She’s on baby time, so I wasn’t worried. 

We decided to go and have lunch at a new cafe she knew of, but it wasn’t open today. Instead, we went to the Senbei Factory and had a very yummy lunch and lots of lovely conversation.  I bought a few souvenirs there for F and I, and maybe for a friend.  We decided to decamp to Doutors and have more conversation.

At Doutors, some of the customers were admiring my friend’s baby and asked her if I was my friend’s mother! Ack!  Nope, just friends.

I caught the train handily and had a fairly quiet ride back to Tsuruoka. I did more knitting and even saw a heron or two out the window.  Very nice! Back in Tsuruoka I tried to buy my tickets for next month’s  trip, but they wouldn’t sell me the return trip one yet so decided to wait. I walked to S-Mall and had a walk around before F called me.  

We went to Doutors and had a drink each and a quick use of the wifi.  After that, it was off to the car dealership to see about the problem with his GPS machine. It isn’t working at the moment.  Since the car is only 3 months old, that seems a bit strange.  

F was demanding dinner again and for me to pick the restaurant, but tonight I suggested going to one of the fish restaurants that he likes.  It was a good idea and he seemed quite happy for a change.  I didn’t mind either, so it was a win-win situation.  We both had a tuna donburi and shared some octopus tempura.  

We hit up a grocery store after the meal for K’s bento, then realized that I would need food for tomorrow too.  I got stuff for breakfast and also for lunch.  I got enough for two days as well, so I can either share with K if she is interested, or I can have the same thing twice.  

And that’s about it.  We came back to the house, unpacked our groceries and then came upstairs.  I watched a bit of TV, F showered and then went to sleep.  Tomorrow will be the first day in ages that I haven’t got to get up and go out with him.  I’m not sure how K and I will get on together tomorrow.  I need to work on my column and my rooms!  I need to start unpacking, do some laundry and if the weather allows, go for a walk! 

Come back later and find out how I manage.  Until tomorrow….

June 20, 2017

Tuesday - Hot and Sunny

A busy day.

I went to the apartment this morning as usual and got busy.  Instead of waiting until after breakfast to start, I washed the living room and kitchen floors, then went out for my breakfast.  I biked to McDonald and had breakfast there and used their lovely free wifi.  After that, I zoomed over to the grocery store and bought my lunch and a few things to have later on.  

I came back to the apartment.  The floor was only wet in a few patches and looked pretty darn good.  I moved some things around and got ready to do more cleaning.  F came by for his lunch.  He did offer to bring me something, but since I had taken care of that earlier, I turned him down.  I did start eating when he was there.  He was called by his work during his lunch, he had to go and pick someone up.  Oops.  He rushed off, I finished lunch and got back to work.  During the next few hours I cleaned the toilet on the outside, washed the floors in the bathroom, genkan, toilet room and hallway, cleared off the island, packed up the rest of the dishes, cleaned the bath, took down the curtains and folded them up and just generally got on with it.  F was rather surprised when he showed up. Late.  He’d had to work late tonight, so not really his fault, just the wrong night to do it.  

He loaded up the car with stuff and took it to his house.  While he did that, I got the next load ready, did a final clean of the toilet and then the bathroom sink.  F loaded up the car again, this time with a bit of my help.  He was a bit of a pain through the whole process.  I had a small basket filled with my toiletries, things that I needed later on.  He put them in a box with cleaning goods and then tried to put a bag of coffee and tea in on top.  I am afraid that I rather got annoyed at that!  I told him that I had to have my basket later on, as I was going to take a shower at his house.  

I had carefully kept a garbage bag in the apartment and didn’t seal it to go out because I knew there would be last minute things to go out in the garbage.  He very carefully took it out to the car.  He did get it for me, but honestly!  At one point, he tried to put my shoes in a box.  Did he not think I might need to wear them later on?

Anyhow, it got done, F changed the lock combo, and we did a quick check that everything was out. It was.  Sigh. I am going to miss that place. It was fairly modern and so convenient for stores, the station, and decent restaurants.  

We went for dinner to ….Gusto.  Yeah, the place we’d been fighting about before.  It was fine really.  It had drink bar, which I desperately needed, and we had coupons to make our meal even more reasonable.  I liked my food, F said his was okay, but I think he didn’t like it much.

We came back to the house via the grocery store to get his mother something.  We picked up some drinks too.  I watched a bit of TV and after F took his, I took a shower.  

That was about it.  Tomorrow I’m going to head over to Sakata to visit a friend and probably have lunch, then who knows.  

I’m quite tired now, so I think I’ll go to bed in a minute or two and get some sleep.  Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

June 19, 2017

Monday - Sunny and warm

A bit frustrating day.  

Went to the apartment again today, second last time to do that.  We were quiet in the car, didn’t say much to each other.  F dropped me off and I went in. I drank my coffee and decided what to do.  Since I needed to buy my train tickets for next month I thought I’d go and do that and then pick up something for breakfast.  

I got to the station and couldn’t find where to park my bike.  I looked at the sign and it seemed to say that the bike parking was behind the station.  Really?  I duly walked my bike through the underpass but when I got to the other side, there wasn’t anywhere to park my bike.  My car, if I had one, no problem.  My bicycle, nope.  I went back to the front of the station and stuck it somewhere.  I go into the station and fill out a form that was all in Japanese.  I wrote in English, but no worries.  When I got to the counter the clerk told me to come back tomorrow because they can’t book train tickets more than a month early.  ARGH!!!!

I biked to the mall and went to the hundred yen shop. I bought a new hat because mine wouldn’t stay on while I was riding, and a new solar light for the garden and some decaf tea.  I went to the bakery downstairs and bought a few things too, then came back to the apartment and ate.  

F called about 30 minutes later asking if I wanted lunch. I asked for a salad and when he came 15 minutes later he gave me an onion salad with tuna.  It was surprisingly good, but not quite what I had hoped for.  He was friendly on the phone, but not so much in person to me.

After he left, I got busy.  I tidied up some of the island, I put things away, I wiped all the ledges in the mouldings around the room, and where necessary, the bits around the floor too.  I even cleaned some of the toilet room, I cleaned the outside of the toilet that I thought F had done before.  I don’t know if he did any of it though.  

I took a quick shower and then I decided to wash the floors in the bedrooms.  In the second bedroom, I moved the wardrobe out of its corner so I could do underneath it.  

When F called, I was nearly finished.  When he arrived he seemed happy at first, but then turned into grumpy man again.  Instead of saying what a good thing it was that I’d done the floors today, he told me off for not following the grain of the wood.  Which I did for the most part, except around the wardrobe.  

He went and hid in the closet again when I wouldn’t name a restaurant that would make him happy.  Hey, I know there isn’t actually one.  I told him again tonight that I’d really like to go to a restaurant that would make me happy, but there aren’t any Greek or Mexican restaurants in our city.  He doesn’t seem to twig that I very rarely get to eat food that I really love unless I make it and I haven’t been able to do that in months. 

Anyway, I suggested going to the beach with some sandwiches from the store and watching the sunset, he countered with going to see the fireflies.   I was just glad he wasn’t going to make me go to a restaurant so I said okay.  I insisted that we go to a grocery store for food, which we did.  I got some sandwiches and some roast chicken, he got some onigiri.  I also insisted in eating in the car before we went anywhere.  I was damned if I was going to head into the woods with someone who is hangry.  He had actually still wanted to go to a restaurant, but I’m not sure why.

We drove to Yutagawa and to the fireflies area, but didn’t see any at all.  That was sad.  

We drove back to Tsuruoka and his house.  We came upstairs and he was nice for the most part, but fell asleep soon.  I really didn’t mind.  

Tomorrow is the last day of us having the apartment.  I have a lot to do there, lots of cleaning and last minute packing.  I don’t need attitude from my husband, if I get it, I’ll be very unhappy.  

Well, that’s it for me for tonight.  Come back later and see how the last day at the apartment goes.  Until tomorrow….

June 18, 2017

Sunday - Sunny but muggy

An awful day.

We both slept in this morning, it was nearly noon when we finally got up.  We decided to go out for lunch but F was in one of his moods and demanded that I pick the place, but really he didn’t want to go anywhere except a ramen shop.  I wasn’t going to one of those, so I suggested a couple of places that we usually like.  We even have a discount card for them and they are fairly reasonable.  He decided that he would drop me off at one of them.  Which he did.  

I didn’t go there, I was too angry.  Here it was, noonish and I was out in the midday sun with no sunscreen. I had left it at home, thinking I’d only be out for a few minutes. Thankfully I had worn my big sunhat.  I walked to a convenience store, bought some food, and then walked to the apartment and ate.  I shut the door to the room I was in, so when F showed up a few minutes later wasn’t too surprised.  

He took the air conditioner out and left.  I used the washroom, looked around and went back to my room.  

He came back and did something and then seemed to disappear.  I couldn’t hear him any more.  I checked and the car was there, his shoes were there, but he wasn’t.  I found him sleeping (or pretending to) in one of the closets for futons.  What an idiot.  

I left him alone for a while then offered him a coffee.  He got a little friendlier after that.  He told me about taking the air conditioner to the shop and that he hadn’t had lunch.  That was crazy.  I had managed to walk to the convenience store and buy my lunch, he had a car and he couldn’t get anything? He asked if there were any movies playing and as it happens, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was playing in half an hour.  I had earlier decided to go by myself if he didn’t start acting better.  

We drove to the theater and went to see the movie.  F got some food at the bakery and wolfed it down, and we shared a tub of popcorn during the show.  I think I enjoyed the film even more the second time.  I could concentrate on some of the characters more than the story this time.  

After the movie we went to Doutors for a while.  It was very quiet.  We didn’t talk, both of us used the wifi and drank our drinks.  

We got something for F’s mother and brought it back for her.  F was in the house for a long time, and I didn’t want to be, so I went outside and contemplated my life and what I want and what I’m not getting.  

When he came out, he again demanded that I choose the restaurant.  I suggested a couple of Korean ones, he drove past one but it looked busy so he kept driving.  I suggested another restaurant we always go to, he said it was okay but he didn’t like it.  I pointed out that I didn’t like it that much either, but it has wifi, is cheap and fast.  When I asked him where he wanted to go, he named a few restaurants that are absolute pits and I said I wouldn’t go to any of them. Not only was the food bad, but most of them were ramen joints.  

He decided to please himself and drove off into the night. He was trying to find a place in the next town that he likes but it was closed so he had to turn around and come back.  We were talking a little by then, but not much.  

He found a place in Tsuruoka finally that had Chinese food, so I had a set meal and he had ramen.  It was fine, actually much better than I was expecting.  It wasn’t cheap, but by that time I really didn’t give a crap.  

We came back to the house and came upstairs.  He took a shower and has gone to bed, I’m still up.  I know he’s worried about money, but I’m not the person who has dragged out this move. I’m also not the person who bought themselves a new car this year. I am the person who has had this unwanted move forced upon them, and who is now trying to decide if remaining here is something that I am willing to put myself through. In two short days we will be out of the apartment and the next phase of my life will begin.  I believe in self-preservation first so there may be some big changes coming up.  

Come back later and see if things get any better or if we continue acting stupid.  Until tomorrow….

June 17, 2017

Saturday - Sunny but cool

A bit frustrating day…

We slept in this morning, and then F took his mother to get her hair cut.  When they came back, F and I went out for lunch.  K didn’t want to come, she was invited.

We had lunch near the shopping centre Pal and it was fine. I had pasta with mountain vegetables, F had a ramen-type meal.  After lunch, we went to the drugstore nearby and I bought some sunscreen.  It wasn’t cheap, but a couple of years ago it was the only stuff that seemed to work on me, so I was willing to get it again.  

We went to the apartment and F tried to call people to take down our AC unit.  Unfortunately, he’d left it too late and they couldn’t come in our time limit.  He decided to do it himself but needed tools.  We went to his house to pick stuff out, do some printing, and then a little shopping. 

F worked very hard on removing the unit. He consulted a site on the net so had some good advice about it and finally, finally got it done.  It was a big job though.  I cleaned the wall underneath where the AC was, and then of course, F had to re-clean it.  Gah!  Does he have any clue how rude that is?  And no, there wasn’t any difference afterwards.

We’d had lunch early today and dinner was already late, so I was getting annoyed that F wouldn’t stop so we could have dinner.  We also needed to get his mother something so time was running out. We brought her a bento and then went for our dinner.

I suggested going to Coco Ichibanya for curry and F liked the idea.  We both had different dishes, I had soup curry, he had curry with fried fish.  They were fine. I liked mine a lot.  

We went to the theater and went to see Moonlight.  I was prepared to like it a whole lot more than I did.  I think I need to think a little more about it.  The performances were quite good though and the story was interesting.  It wasn’t much fun, however!

After the movie, F and I came to the house via a convenience store where we picked up a few things for tonight.

And that’s about it.  It was a strange day. We spent time at the apartment, but I didn’t do all that much. Tomorrow I think we have to go and do a few more things there, come on back and find out.  Until tomorrow….

June 16, 2017

Friday - Cloudy, rainy and back to sunny.  

A good day.

We got up a bit later than usual this morning, which was lovely! We had decided last night to go to Gusto for a as-late-as-possible breakfast, since F couldn’t eat after 11 am.  We invited K to come along and she did.  Gusto was fine, I had my usual scrambled egg and bacon & sausage, K had pizza toast and F had what I had, but with fried eggs instead of scrambled.  

After breakfast, I asked that we go to the grocery shop so that I could get something for my lunch.  K bought some groceries for herself too, then F  brought us back to the house.  He and I went out again to run a few errands and then at 11:45 his taxi came and he had to leave.  

I stayed upstairs for most of the time watching telly and tidying up a bit.  I had noticed last night that the first season of Girls was unscrambled on one of the cable channels, so I had set the dvd recorder.  I watched 3 and a half episodes before K called me downstairs.  There’s been some problem with the antenna to her TV.  She doesn’t really watch Satellite TV, so she wasn’t sure about the channels.  I came down and showed her the NHK ones, but I don’t know if she was happy about them.  I grabbed my lunch and after offering to share with her and having it turned down, took it upstairs to eat.  I watched more of Girls and ate lunch.  F was home soon, and seemed fine!  

He wasn’t supposed to drive since he’d had anesthetic so I suggested we walk to the nearest vending machines for some drinks.  He liked the idea and off we went.  It was drizzling, but not bad at all out.  We carried our brollies, but didn’t use them.

Back at the  house, I watched more of Girls and F napped and looked at some of his stuff. He realized that it had to be taken to the hospital and the deadline was today. Oops.  He decided to drive to the hospital. I came with him of course and kept an eye on him, but he was fine.  I think he has a high tolerance of painkillers personally.

He handed in the papers and then I checked the gift shop for some of the sunscreen I bought there a few years ago.  They didn’t have any, but they had some of the old brochures, so I took one of them!

We came home, watched a bit more telly and had a cuddle.  Around 6 pm our sushi that we ordered last night was delivered.  Hurray!

The three of us had a nice meal.  We had ordered a 40 piece set of sushi which came with soup packets for us all.  We made up the soup, and ate the sushi.  It was a big hit with K and really was nice to have a no fuss dinner.  Afterwards, I washed the few dishes there were and had F make space for the wet dishes in the drainer.  

We came upstairs and the two of us watched Sliding Doors which we haven’t watched in ages.  It was on the DVR for at least a year, probably more!  I really liked it, probably and mostly because of the Monty Python quotes and the lovely John Hannah!

F was tired afterwards and he’s been snoozing for a while.  I’m still up having watched my usual Friday night programmes.  I have the DVR set for the rest of Girls season one.  I must say I enjoyed it, but the frank sexuality and amount of nudity was rather surprising for a half hour comedy show. 

Tomorrow we have a few things planned.  I’d like to go to a drugstore and see if I can find the sunscreen I want since F read in the brochure where we can get it, we need to go to the apartment and F will do a little bit of work there, probably me too, and I’m hoping to take in a movie tomorrow night.  There are two new English ones, Moonlight and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.  I’ve heard terrible things about the latter, and only good things about the former, so I’m voting for it! 

Come back later and see what we get up to.  We are winding down the move, we didn’t even go to the apartment today, hurray! Until tomorrow…. 

June 15, 2017

Thursday - Sunny and warm, rainy at night

A good day.

This morning after I got dressed for leaving the house, I packed my computer into my backpack and also put a pair of jeans and a nice shirt in there too.  

At the apartment I finished drinking my iced coffee from the convenience store and then scooted off on my bike to have breakfast at McDonald.   That done, and my apps updated, I headed off to the grocery store and picked up a few things.  

After that, I came back to the apartment, took a quick shower and then made a start on my Journal Column.  

My friend came to meet me around 11:30 and I invited her in to see the apartment.  We also had a coffee and the grand tour!  F came home while we were sipping our hot beverage, so we left him to it and went for lunch.  She had brought her baby of course, so we needed a family friendly place.  We decided to go to Cocos and it was a good choice.  

We had a nice meal with good drinks and even splurged on desserts so really enjoyed ourselves.  I was able to help her with a few things when she had the baby in her arms, which was nice for both of us.  

Our time together was soon up, so she drove me back to the apartment and went on her way home.  I went in, and tried to work on my column again.  I was overtaken with tiredness for a bit, so I took a nap.  I set a timer and woke up a little later.  

When F came by the apartment after work, he wanted to go out.  We decided to go to Doutors in the mall for coffee and wifi.  I had decaf iced coffee, F had regular and we both made use of the wifi!  When we finished, we bought a couple of things in the hundred yen shop, then went to the grocery store for a bento for K.

As we drove to the Chinese Restaurant near our apartment, I suggested a couple of things to F for tomorrow.  I said we could order in some Sushi for dinner and he should also order a taxi for himself.  He’s going to the health clinic for a procedure tomorrow, so will be off work.  At first he didn’t like my ideas, but after dinner, came around to my way of thinking!

Dinner wasn’t a great success however.  F wanted shrimp in chilli sauce, a dish I have never liked much.  He whined about ramen too, but I said it would be okay if we had some fried rice.  We also had the half chicken that we both like.  Well, I had one shrimp…or half of one.  I bit into it, but the shrimp still had the shell on it.  Yuck.  I hate that change in texture.  Then, the chilli sauce sploged off my chopsticks and onto one of my favourite shirts.  It got on the table too and took a while to clean up.  That was all the chilli-shrimp that I could handle.  I did eat quite a bit of the chicken and the rice though.  F got a bit quiet during the meal and it took a bit of jollying him before he cheered up.  

On the way to his house, we stopped at the sushi delivery place and made an order for tomorrow and also stopped at a taxi company and booked a cab for him.  Yay me!  Two things we don’t have to worry about tomorrow.  

We came back to the house and K was in a bit of a mood.  The TV antenna seems to be off, so she wasn’t able to watch shows she liked. F and her had words, but I just came upstairs. We popped out a few minutes later to pick up some beer for F and a drink for me.  

We came back again to the house and came upstairs.  I did a load of laundry but my shirt didn’t come clean yet.  I hung it up, put the other stuff away and then watched a bit of TV.  

It’s been a quiet evening really except F isn’t sleeping.  He was almost there and then got up.  I think the bad weather isn’t helping him at all. 

Tomorrow is going to be a different type of day.  We have dinner sorted, but will have to have a brunch type of meal together.  Come back later and see how it goes.  Until tomorrow…. 

June 14, 2017

Wednesday - Sunny and warm

A good day!

We got up this morning and left for work and the apartment.  F dropped me off and I went to the apartment.  I had a very slow start to the day, I snoozed for a bit before having breakfast and doing a bit of knitting.  

F called to say that he’d come there for lunch which annoyed me a tad as I didn’t think he’d be able to do that and I had planned for him not to come!  I was in the midst of getting ready to wash the floor again.  I was sweeping and vacuuming before I washed things.  I got the toilet room, genkan and half of the bathroom done, then did the bedrooms.  I changed the water along the way and had done half of the kitchen when F came.  He had some noodles and I took a break!

He went back to work and then I did more washing. I got the kitchen, living room, and half of the hallway done.  I couldn’t really finish until he came back from lunch to get me.  When he arrived, I very quickly did the rest of the floor and we left.

We had a quick, cheap and cheerful lunch at Kappa Sushi and then came back to the apartment.  The floor was mostly dry, but not completely!  F did a few spot things like taking things out of the apartment and I did some last minute vacuuming before the inspection person came.  It was a youngish woman who was very nice and efficient.  Basically there aren’t too many problems.  The mould problems we had had apparently aren’t as bad as in some of the apartments so we are okay that way.  We do have to take down the air conditioner.  F was hoping to leave it, but she said we couldn’t.  

She left and we relaxed for a little while.  It’s quite bittersweet for us.  After a while I suggested going to karaoke and I was surprised that F agreed.  

We drove to the newish place near the station and got free time.  Because we’re older, we got a slight discount.  Woot!  We had fun, sang for almost 3 hours and even had our dinner there.  

We bought a bento for K from the grocery store near the karaoke and went back to the house.  We unloaded the car and then came upstairs.  I watched TV for a while and…wrote up a Postcrossing card.  Just one, but I haven’t done any since February.  I have missed it so much.  This card is going off to Russia.  I hope it gets there.  

And that’s about it.  It’s nearly my bed time.  F was asleep, but woke up, took medicine and is back to sleep.  Tomorrow I think I’ll take my computer to the apartment and work on my column.  I also probably have a lunch date so I have something to look forward to.  Come back in a bit and see what happens.  Until tomorrow….